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01.02.2016 23:11 (UTC)[zitieren]
some of you may know who I am others not so much.

i'm here to announce the arrival of my mods from the vault. i'm also releasing a series of v8supercars

i'm currently working on the 2012 series. I know world racing 2 doesn't haven't the community it once I guess i'm just wondering if it's worthwhile continuing on any further, leave your thoughts and feedback
cheers from australia
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08.02.2016 22:40 (UTC)[zitieren]
Hello ammods,

interesting and very diverse Package of a great race-class.

Yeah, you are right with the point, that the WR2 modding- and user-scene isn't any more so active like three or five years ago. But the problem is, that the game is now over ten years old and the ative modder and player (like my self too) is also became older, so the free time because of studying etc. to play WR2 is very short. And younger kids arn't so many interested in such an 'old' game. But I think, it gave around the world a lot of interested people, they want new addons.
You can see, that over 80 player downloaded your V8-Pack in a short time, so I think you can work further.

Greetings from Germany, volvo480
Jhonny Black
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04.04.2016 09:15 (UTC)[zitieren]
world racing 2 can still be a lot of fun. Also because of the mod-ability.

Good thing to see there are still some people working wr2.

A mix of featuers from the recent c11-series and the mod possabilities of wr2 would result in the ultimate fun-realistic racing/driving game, I guess.

But even now, wr2 has so much features that can be edited and modded, that it takes a lot of time to learn how to do it.
I would be great if you're intrested in making new (maybe even more advanced) mods, cars,... for this game.

And there are a bunch of people everyday to discover wr2 for the first time and liking it alot. Even wenn the community is not as much public-active (because of work/school...). A lot of them still play the game in them free minutes. So still worth your afford, I guess.

Greetings, Jhonny Black

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